Seth Vermin

Background image credit to ElDimon


My real name is Seth, but partners and friends may also call me Blaine or Hunter.I'm a 30 year old hermit artist from the west coast. Feeding is encouraged, but no flash photography, please!**Art is my full time job so I spend most of time drawing, but in my free time I also love playing video games and with virtual pets. **


Things I enjoy include: Monsters/Virtual Pets (a la Pokemon and Digimon), horror, food, lost media, deep dives on unusual peopleThemes: Liminal Spaces, Horror, Vaporwave, Dystopian Science Fiction, Body Horror, Chrome, 70s - 90s Americana and other aesthetics, grunginess, medicalness, mundane suburbia.Music Artists: CHVRCHES, Billy Talent, Hollywood Undead, Perturbator, Disturbed, Death's Dynamic Shroud, Insane Clown Posse, Zebrahead, NmeshGames: Borderlands, Dance Dance Revolution/Stepmania, Pokemon, Crash BandicootOther:
Sitcoms, especially pre 2010s. Game shows pre 2000s. Internet (c) web 2.0 and before, slice-of-life things.